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"I am excited to be able to wake up in the morning, pick this up, and enjoy the newspapers with my morning coffee."
Graeme Innes, Disability Discrimination Commissioner

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Click RealSAM’s single button and ask for what you want using natural spoken dialogue.


Just say, “Read me the ABC News”, and SAM will be happy to oblige.

On Demand

Your favourite news and media is available when you want it.


RealSAM can read to you while lying in bed, walking in the park, on the train, or anywhere you wish.*


RealSAM is specifically designed for people who are blind, have low vision or a print disability.

Direct Access

No computer required - RealSAM is all you need to get direct access to news and other media.

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*RealSAM is powered by Jeenee Mobile, the not for profit telco that helps people living with disability, and works anywhere within the Optus mobile network.

RealSAM Demonstrations

Graeme Innes Demonstrates RealSAM

Graeme Innes, the Disability Discrimination Commissioner, demonstrates RealSAM during his keynote address to the recent Digital Productivity Conference in Brisbane.


Live Interactions with RealSAM

This video is a live interaction with RealSAM, so you can hear what it is like to use. It demonstrates reading and searching newspapers, finding and listening to podcasts, changing speech speed and checking the weather. Note that since RealSAM is designed to be used without vision, listening to this video is just as good as seeing it!

RealSAM Features

Book Selection and Reading

RealSAM also allows you to navigate and select from over 180,000 books from two libraries and this list is constantly expanding: Project Gutenberg provides access to free books that are out of copyright, and is available to all RealSAM users. There are currently around 30,000 Project Gutenberg books available through RealSAM. Bookshare is an Accessible Online Library for people with a print disability. Select from more than 150,000 Bookshare books available to Australian members covering a wide range of topics, titles and authors. All RealSAM users can browse the Bookshare library, but you must be a member of Bookshare in order to download books. To find out more or to join Bookshare, visit

Books on a shelf
logos of news content providers

Newspapers and News Feeds

RealSAM grabs articles from the ABC News feed every five minutes, so you can stay on top of the latest stories as they happen. RealSAM can also read you The Conversation, which gives academic rigour mixed with journalistic flair, and The New Daily, a fabulous national newspaper. In addition, you can access a huge range of papers provided by the Vision Australia Library. These include all the larger newspapers, such as The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Financial Review, The Australian, The Courier Mail, The Herald Sun, and The Advertiser. Others can be added on request. You need to be a member of the Vision Australia Library service in order to access their newspaper content. Membership is free and is open to people who are blind, have low vision or a print disability. Please contact Vision Australia to join up or enquire.

For a detailed list of RealSAM content, go to:

Weather, Time and Location

RealSAM can tell you the time, date and the weather forecast for your current location, or any city around the world. You can also ask about your current location. Just ask, “Where am I?”, and RealSAM responds with a street address and the nearest cross street. Then you can say, "What's around here?", for RealSAM to tell you about the points of interest nearby.

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Podcasts - Radio Programs on Demand

RealSAM allows you to listen to a huge range of radio program podcasts on demand. You can search through the catalogue, which includes all the radio programs from all stations of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), and National Public Radio (NPR) from the USA. RealSAM also provides access to the TED Talks audio podcasts, and Vision Australia radio (RPH) podcasts.

For a detailed list of RealSAM content, go to:

More Media Coming

RealSAM content is continuously expanding, with more news and podcast sources being added regularly. Other media content in the pipeline includes audiobooks, magasines, music, videos, and much more.

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Evolving Functions

RealSAM functionality is continuously evolving, and is updated automatically, so you will always have the latest features as they are released without having to purchase new hardware. There are many exciting new functions under development, including enhanced weather information, and a much more powerful location and personal navigation function.

What is in the box?

Your RealSAM device, setup and ready to go!

Protective case to keep RealSAM safe

Headset with microphone so that you interact with SAM more discreetly

Lanyard for easy carrying

Power charger

Audio CD with instructions on getting started, and a detailed user guide

Customer Testimonials

The single button and voice controls are impressive and simple to use.

Graeme Innes

I have spoilt some of my husband’s stories, because now I have access to the same articles that he reads in the newspapers.

Janene Sadhu

I've had a wonderful time using it, it's terrific!

Frank Nowlan

It's great to have news on demand, and to be able to discuss current issues with my wife.

Terry Boyle

Pricing and Plans

How do I get RealSAM?

To use RealSAM you purchase the device as well as a monthly subscription to the interactive RealSAM service. The RealSAM device is priced at $439, and we sometimes offer specials to our VIP Club members, so sign up below!

RealSAM allows you to access media anywhere by connecting with the mobile data network. However, you can also link RealSAM with Wireless (WiFi) networks at home, at work or your favourite cafe, to save on mobile data usage.

The different subscription plans and packages are detailed below, including a WiFi only plan, for those people who only want to access news and podcasts while they are within range of a WiFi network. The Critical Information Summaries for these plans are available at The RealSAM service will limit your access to podcasts once you exceed your monthly limit, so that you cannot go over your monthly allowance.

Small v2
$29 VIP
  • 2 months free! (6 month contract)
  • 500Mb mobile data
  • Unlimited downloads over WiFi*
  • Min. total cost with device $555 VIP

Small Mobile Plan v2

This plan is for people who access the news often and also like to listen to the occasional podcast. Each month includes 500Mb of mobile data, which lets you read over 150 news articles per day, or to listen to around 12 hours of podcasts per month. Downloads are unlimited while connected to a WiFi network*.

Plan Price: VIP Club $29/month with first 2 months free!
6-month total cost with device: VIP Club $555

Large Mobile Plan v2

This plan is for people who access the news and also want to listen to podcasts every day. Each month includes 2Gb of mobile data, which lets you read over 600 news articles per day, or listen to around 50 hours of podcasts per month. Downloads are unlimited while connected to a WiFi network*.

Plan Price: VIP Club $55/month with first 2 months free!
6-month total cost with device: VIP Club $659

Large v2
$55 VIP
  • 2 months free! (6 month contract)
  • 2Gb mobile data
  • Unlimited downloads over WiFi*
  • Min. total cost with device $659 VIP

Call us to order

Please have ready:
  • Name and contact details (including email if you have one)
  • Identity details, such as Medicare card (this is a regulatory requirement for telecommunications services)
  • Credit card details
  • Vision Australia Library membership (required to access many of the newspapers)

Call the Real Thing Help Centre now:

1300 557 350

To order from outside Australia, please go to: International Orders

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